Role of U.S. Government Agencies

in Vaccine Creation and Safety


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saves lives and protects people from health threats. CDC conducts research and provides health information that protects the U.S. against health threats and responds when these arise. The CDC is advancing data systems supporting the fight against COVID-19.


The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects the public through examination and safety protocols on consumed products including eggs, meats, medicine and vitamins. Through oversight and regulation, the FDA ensures vaccine quality, safety, and effectiveness and is helping to facilitate the timely development of COVID-19 vaccines.


The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) purpose is to encourage new study, science and understanding that leads to enhancing life, increasing health, and decreasing illness and disability. To help fight COVID-19, the NIH is supporting, facilitating, and encouraging research and science in creating treatments and vaccines.


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the U.S. government’s principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services. HHS provides diverse programs and initiatives that serve and protect. Other government health agencies operate under its wings including CDC, FDA, NIH, and HRSA.


The Department of Defense (DOD) provides for national security. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the DOD is providing its skills and services in managing and monitoring the supply and distribution of vaccines and other items necessary to combat the pandemic in the U.S.


The World Health Organization (WHO) is not a U.S. government agency, but often referenced in discussions of COVID-19. WHO is the leading health organization coordinating the response to the pandemic globally. Their goal is to ensure that “a billion more people have universal health coverage, to protect a billion more people from health emergencies, and provide a further billion people with better health and well-being.”

Please use the map below to identify your state’s health office.

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